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Adam Lambert learned a lot from cruise ship performer job

Superstar Adam Lambert has revealed that getting his professional start on a cruise ship as a performer was actually really useful as it taught him a lot. 

During an interview with The Hot Desk, Lambert reflected on his life and talked presenter Laura Whitmore through his late teens:

"Fifteen... that means I was in tenth grade in high school. I was really fat, I was so fat. Some of it was baby fat, but I was like a big boy. I was eating crap food... you know when you're a teenager and eat a lot of fast food, and I didn't really exercise at all."

He was then asked about his job on a cruise ship and confessed that he ended up learning a lot from that experience:

"First professional... I was nineteen. It's weird! I was one of the younger ones. But, for a young performer, it's a good gig. You save a lot of money - your room and board, and your food is paid for! I was so young... I was so green - I hadn't been through a lot of professional stuff yet - so it was good for me to do a show that long and sing songs so many times over ten months. I had to work through a cold, or work through a hangover, or work through being lonely! It was a test."

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