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Adam Lambert reflects on his past school life: 'I was sort of a teacher's pet'

Vocal powerhouse Adam Lambert has revealed that he was a great student at school and was always very inquisitive and "involved" in learning

During a brand new interview with L/Studio Created by Lexus, entitled 'It Got Better', the 'Ghost Town' hitmaker explained that "things got kind of strange" when he hit middle school, but up until then "everything was great":

"I was born in 1982 in Indiana. My father got a job in San Diego, so we moved to San Diego... I was about a year old. I feel that I really lucked out, having parents that were left of centre - really open-minded and progressive."

"When I was in elementary school, everything was great. I think I was sort of a teacher's pet... I was really involved in class, I was raising my hand - always wanting to talk and answer the questions and to be really involved. When things got into middle school, sixth, seventh and eighth grade, that's when everything got kind of strange."

"Everyone's bodies were changing, things are shifting... I think it was about sixth grade when I started thinking, 'okay, I'm not wired the same way as most of the other boys'."

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