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Adam Lambert praises songwriter and pop mastermind Max Martin

Vocal sensation Adam Lambert has nothing but praise for collaborator and songwriter Max Martin, who was recently awarded the Polar Music Prize. 

Speaking to Billboard about Martin, whom he worked with on his latest album 'The Original High', Lambert explained that he's great to be around both personally and creatively:

"He doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s not an egomaniac. Someone with that kind of success could definitely be an arrogant fuck, pardon my French, but he’s not. He’s cool. He’s got a really dry sense of humour, and I think he genuinely loves making music.”

"It's easy to assume that maybe because of a couple of people he's worked with, or the amount of hits that he's had, that he's this Svengali guy that just manipulates the hell out of his artists' vocals and that he's pulling all the strings. But the thing I noticed when I worked with him is Max really thinks very carefully about the artist."

Lambert added: "He thinks about the voice the artist has; the persona the artist has and where to place them. His words exactly are 'how to crack the code'. That's another reason he's done so well -- he really thinks about it. He won't just throw an artist on a track arbitrarily. It has to make sense to him -- sonically, thematically and contextually."

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Watch footage of Max Martin winning the prestigious award below:


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