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Adam Lambert speaks to London youth group about "all things queer"

Adam Lambert attended the Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre on Hampstead Road in the King's Cross / Euston in Central London on Thursday (May 31).

The 'Two Fux' star came to speak to the group of 13 to 19 year-olds of the LGBT community. Lambert said he came to speak "about all things queer, the movement, where we're at today and where we are now and my experience with growing up".

On his own experience about being gay in such a public arena, he said:

'After American Idol for a year it was all anyone wanted to talk about in the media.

'Part of me was like this is cool, this is important and I’m comfortable with my sexuality. But it also became weird because I was like I also sing, and I have a record that I’d love you to hear. It was tricky to balance it.'

When asked for advice about how to come out to family, he gave some important advice: 'I think the best way is to begin communicating, to talk about how it makes you feel. When you own how you are feeling to another person, it always seems to work better and connect deeper in that moment.'

Speaking about the talk afterwards, the vocal powerhouse said: 

'In the Q & A segment of the talk I feel like I learned  a lot! Some smart kids in there! The people I spoke to were very, very wise and articulate for their age. I think that is a taste of the future, that we're moving forward.

'We are growing and evolving. Young people are learning. They are learning earlier and have more available to them which is great!'

Adam Lambert is set to release new music later this year, having changed management and been busy in the studio recording new tracks.

The Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre's motto is "Support - Educate - Inspire", and that's exactly what they did by inviting him to speak this week. 

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