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Adam Lambert finally feels comfortable in his own skin

Although Adam Lambert has enjoyed a greatly successful career in music so far, he has revealed that it's taken him years to finally "feel comfortable in this industry and in my own skin". 

The 'Whataya Want From Me' hitmaker spoke to US Weekly about his forthcoming episode of VH1's Behind The Music, which will be shown in America on August 7, and explained that sometimes you have to just trust your instincts:

"At times things were difficult and confusing. Coming out of American Idol I was thrown into the spotlight so quickly and I faced many obstacles. I am finally starting to feel comfortable in this industry and in my own skin."

Talking more specifically about how open he is about his sexuality, Lambert added, "This is a tricky career path, especially since most musicians aren't as open as I am."

"At first I thought, did I go too far? Was this a mistake? I realized I have to trust my gut and be myself. I can't please everyone."

The singer-songwriter is currently recording a new album and is excited to put out a new body of work that is "more serious" than his old record.

"This album is different in that it has a more serious tone. There is definitely fun, upbeat music on there too. This album has a thread of honesty in that it is real and personal."

"Whereas my old album was fun, campy, and over the top, this album is more contemporary and honest. The last album was more of a fantasy and this album is a search for my identity."

Check out an exclusive preview of his Behind The Music episode here: