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Adam Lambert on the perils of working with snakes

Adam Lambert has opened up about the dangers of working on a photoshoot with a snake.

The American Idol singer was snapped for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine 2009 with a green snake perilously close to his manhood.

Speaking at a fan Q&A in Seattle, Lambert recalled the dangers of working with a snake - with the photographer apparently shouting for the snake to get "closer to his balls". When asked about the snake, Lambert said:

"Here's the deal with the's the deal with the trouser snake. The trainer brought the snake out, and I was holding the snake and I was like 'Okay, this is cool, it's kind of a little trippy but I can get into this'. And then he puts the snake on my leg. And I'm like laying down and the snake is crawling, and the photographer is like 'Get him closer to his balls'. And the trainer is like 'Well, they're only attracted to eat things that are warm'. I'm like...'Think of a cold water spring'."

He continued: "When we started the shoot that day, the snake didn't have a name because it was a young snake. So, they named it Adam. And that same snake was in my 'For Your Entertainment' music video a couple of months later."




Watch Adam Lambert answer fans' questions below: