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Adam Lambert reveals 'Never Close Our Eyes' music video

Superstar Adam Lambert has unveiled his highly-anticipated new music video for 'Never Close Our Eyes'.

The glam rocker released the full cut earlier today (May 29) and at around 4 and a half minutes long it definitely doesn't disappoint.

Directed by Dori Oskowitz, this futuristic offering plays with a dystopian concept and uses the strong contrast of pale and vibrant colours to reflect both oppression and freedom respectively. 

Speaking about the exciting visual project during exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, Lambert recently explained: "The one thing that I was really excited about was maybe something sort of science fiction. Something kind of New World Order, in the future. Something not of this reality."

He also wanted to emphasise the lyrical content of 'Never Close Our Eyes' and added: "There's certain lyrics in the song that are really important. 'It only gets better if we want it to, we'll never close our eyes' - I interpret that as we're keeping our eyes wide open. Stay open to all possibilites, keep an open mind and an open heart to life."




Watch the newly released music video for 'Never Close Our Eyes' below: