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Adam Lambert on past career nightmares: 'I performed with naked women in a musical porn adaptation'

'Better Than I Know Myself' sensation Adam Lambert has opened up about diva rumours, the career path that eventually found him fame and how he feels about being a public role model for the LGBT community in a new interview.

Speaking to London's Metro newspaper, the hitmaker explained that the biggest misconception people seem to have of him is that he is "a diva" and indulges in extravagant backstage behaviour:

"People think I’m a diva, but I’m not. I’m pretty easy going. I just try to put on a good show. I’ve never asked for my dressing room to be repainted or for people to sort my M&Ms by colour. I’m happy with a cup of tea."

Lambert was also asked if he feels a sense of responsibility to be a "figurehead" or spokesperson for the gay community because of the public voice he has found for himself and admitted that it's great to be looked up to, but he believes that everyone can stand up for themselves and it's inspiring when people "all want the same things":

"If someone wants to look at me and say: ‘He’s a gay role model,’ I’m proud to wear that label. A lot of what I sing about is universal. The broader statement is it doesn’t really matter, we all want the same things."




Referring to past career nightmares, the singer recalled one particular job that saw him perform alongside a troupe of naked women in a musical adaptation of a pornographic film and joked that he only took the position because he really needed work at the time: "A topless production of 'Debbie Does Dallas The Musical'. I kept my clothes on but there were naked girls on stage. I needed a job at that point."

'Trespassing' is set to be officially released in the UK on July 2 and he added that the record's lyrical content is especially poignant as it deals with personal struggles and issues he has faced:

"There’s stuff about self-image and self-worth. There’s been times in the past couple of years I haven’t been completely sure of myself but have had to act as if I was."

Watch his new music video for 'Never Close Our Eyes' below: