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Adam Lambert talks to Pressparty about British music, his UK tour plans and his love for London

Chart-topping superstar Adam Lambert has revealed that he is "really excited" to be back in London and is "looking forward" to spending a lot more time in the area.

The 'Never Close Our Eyes' sensation is currently in England's capital to promote his new album 'Trespassing' and to perform a series of live shows with iconic rock band Queen, and spoke exclusively to Pressparty about his love for the vibrant city:

"I think this is the most time I’ll have spent in London, ever. So I’m really excited. I always have a good time here. I like the people a lot. I like the general kind of… the taste level. I like that people love music and art, and entertainment. It’s held to a high standard here. It’s good."

When asked his opinion on the current British music scene, Lambert was quick to praise the vocal talents of Jessie J and Olly Murs, and even admitted that heartthrobs One Direction are "so sweet":

"I love Jessie J, she’s great. I rate that new Olly Murs song because it just came out in the states, ‘Heart Skips A Beat’, great song! They’re (One Direction) sweet yeah, so sweet. Good songs, really catchy pop songs. I just heard and saw the video for Marcus Collins, he seems really talented. Seems like a nice guy."

"Pop is alive and well and kicking. British music is obviously doing really well in America right now. I don’t think it’s as different as it used to be. We’re one world and we’re starting to gel together even more with the arts, so – I think it’s really cool. It’s great that you can kind of cross over, it’s really exciting."




He also revealed that shopping and clubbing are two of his "biggest hobbies", and London has the kind of style and nightlife that he simply can't get enough of:

"The little bit of it I’ve done, I love it! Shopping and going out are my two biggest hobbies besides music so yeah, I had a great time. I always do. And now I’ll get to really dive in and get comfortable, which will be great."

Although he will remain in the city until the later half of July, Lambert explained that he plans to return to the UK in 2013 to tour in support of his record-breaking sophomore offering and added:

"I hope so. Probably next year. Yeah, probably put together a tour next year when I’m done promoting. I want to promote the album and really expand the audience, you know? I really want to diversify the audience and I want more and more people to hear the songs because I really believe in them."

Watch his performance of 'Cuckoo' from the AOL Sessions below: