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Adam Lambert opens up on "sad feeling" of being persecuted over love

Adam Lambert has opened up on love and the alienation he and his partner sometimes feels.

Speaking to Star Online, the vocal powerhouse said that his latest album 'Trespassing' represents two sides of his relationship with love.

He said that the album contains songs about the "joy and celebration" of having someone to love, but he added that the song 'Outlaws of Love' touches on the persecution felt by some same-sex couples. He said:

"I spent many years as a bachelor, and I enjoyed that time – enjoyed it a lot. But at the end of the day, I started feeling like I wanted more. There were many years spent being lonely and craving that. Finally finding it is this amazing feeling – I've found someone I love and have a solid relationship with, and there are songs on Trespassing that talk about the joy and celebration of that."

He continued: "But at the end of the album we get to Outlaws of Love, and it's like, I've figured all this other stuff out and made peace with myself, I have a partner, but as we look out into society, what are we faced with? It's us versus the world. All we want is light and love and we're being persecuted for it. It's a sad feeling."




Watch Adam Lambert chat to Capital FM below: