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Adam Lambert on challenging himself and extra 'Trespassing' tracks

Vocal sensation Adam Lambert performed at 102.9's Texas Tango event on October 29 in Grand Prairie, Texas and answered a few fans' questions after his set.

When asked if he will ever release any of the other material he originally wrote for his latest record, 'Trespassing', Lambert joked that because they didn't make the final cut the songs probably won't ever see the light of day:

"Usually it's kind of like if they're on the album you get to hear them and if they don't make the album it's because I didn't want to hear them!"

He also revealed that one of the most challenging songs he's ever attempted to sing is Queen's 'The Show Must Go On', but added that it was an honour to perform it with the iconic rock group and helped him to grow as an artist:

"'The Show Must Go On' is pretty difficult. It's a tough one, it's big. It's a big song. Singing Queen was... when they asked me to do it I was like... well, of course I said yes and then I hung up the phone and went, 'oh gosh, how am I going to be able to do all this?' because it's a lot. It was good for me, it was a good challenge."




Watch his performance of 'Never Close Our Eyes' from the event below: