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Adam Lambert now "totally comfortable" being a gay role model

Former 'American Idol' superstar Adam Lambert has revealed that after years of being in the spotlight as an openly gay male he's finally comfortable with the 'role model' status.

During an interview with South Florida Gay News, the 'Trespassing' singer explained that it took him a while to come to terms with the pressure he felt to be a spokesperson for the LGBT community:

"I’m totally comfortable with it now. You know it’s weird, I was just being honest. It’s a bit daunting. You’re a role model or icon or you’re supposed to try to be one so I was intimated by it at first. I didn’t realize that was going to come with everything. I was just trying to sing."

Lambert added that he learned how to cope with the expectations by identifying the fact that he 'didn't really have a lot of gay role models' in his youth and trying to step into the shoes of the kind of person he would have looked up:

"One of the thing that drives me the most is when I was younger I didn’t really have a lot of gay role models who were proud and gay and open and were who they were. I’ve gotten letters and met younger people in the LGBT community who have said “Wow I really appreciate the fact that you don’t make any apologies and you’re just this wacky guy.” And that alone gives me a lot of confidence."

"If I can help a young person feel more comfortable in their own skin or be the person they want to be it’s f**king awesome."





Watch Lambert perform a rendition of 'Broken English' from a recent concert here: