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Adam Lambert's GLAAD Awards acceptance speech: 'It's a crucial time'

Vocal superstar Adam Lambert was honoured at the 2013 GLAAD Awards over the weekend and gave a bold speech about empowerment, acceptance and honesty.

The 'Trespassing' hitmaker was presented with the Davidson/Valentini award on Saturday, May 11 for making a significant difference in promoting equality for the LGBT community and from the stage he spoke out about being an openly gay male in the entertainment industry and what he has learned from his experience:

"Thank you. Ok, I have to make a speech. I'm supposed to be just a singer, but I tried to write a speech so bear with me. After almost winning 'American Idol', I have become a public figure. An openly gay public figure, and with that comes a lot of responsibility and a lot of opinions."

Lambert went on to discuss this generation's increasing sense of acceptance, acknowledging those that have paved the way, and confessed that it's tough to live up to everyone's expectations when trying to be a good role model even referencing his own song, 'Whataya Want From Me'. He continued:

"At the end of the day, it's not always so black and white. On one hand you have the stonewall generation, who paved the way. They're proud rebels who have waved the rainbow banner. They've fought for our rights and brought causes into the light and into the press. On the other hand you have the next generation coming up. Because of the groundwork that's been laid, they have more than the luxury to say, 'so I'm gay, no big deal. My sexuality does not define me'."

"It's a crucial time. We're right in the middle of two generations with two different perspectives but one common thread - love. With all the differences of opinion both within the LGBT community and elsewhere, all we can do is keep it real and spread a message of acceptance."





Watch Lambert's full acceptance speech below: