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Adam Lambert's 'Glee' puppet speaks out

Vocal powerhouse Adam Lambert recently joined the cast of 'Glee' to play the role of Elliott 'Starchild' Gilbert and was immortalised as a puppet for the show. 

The cute green puppet (pictured left) will be featured in an upcoming episode of the programme and 'Glee' has now unveiled an amusing segment, in which Lambert can be heard voicing the doll and making it say some entertaining and rather sassy things:

"Is it weird that I got here and now I'm a puppet? I hope my fans are into this look... green skin. Green skin! Why do I have green skin? I don't understand. Adam Lambert's got nothing on me, I'm a way better singer."

He then belts out an impressive tune while manoeuvring the puppet to make it look as though the voice is coming out from its mouth and adds: "Take that, Lambert. I have no say in what I do, in what I'm wearing, or what songs I'm singing and I've just... I've had it! I'll be in my dressing room."

Speaking about his role on the show recently, the 'Trespassing' sensation explained that his character's personality was based loosely on his own: "This is a great exercise in being an actor for hire. They said, 'we'd like you to guest star in the show and this is what we have for you, this is what we wrote.' I think they based some of it off of me, so it's not too far of a stretch, but it's a whole new experience for me. It's cool."




Watch the entertaining clip here: