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Nerves get the better of Adele around acting stars

Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Adele has revealed that being around actors makes her nervous. 

The vocalist is no stranger to fame, but explained to Attitude Magazine how she constantly made excuses to avoid meeting stars she loves:

"I fucking love 'Glee', love, love, love 'Glee'"

"I was meant to meet Amber and Chris the last time they were in London but I kept saying I was too busy because I was so nervous."

This incident wasn't the first as she also opened up about her cameo on Ugly Betty, which she found nerve-wracking: 

"I was such a mug on that show. I wasn't meant to say anything because you have to have an actor's visa in America. I was meant to turn up and mime my song but I turned up and they gave me a script and I had to speak as part of the storyline."

"Because I was in America, I put on a fake English accent. I don't know why! Everyone I know was taking the p**s out of me."

The 'Chasing Pavements' singer also revealed that despite the other offers she's had to appear in television shows, she would rather steer clear for now. 

Watch a recent interview with Adele here: