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Adele uses songwriting to cleanse bad feelings

Grammy award winning Adele has confessed that she wrote 'Don't You Remember', which features on her new album '21', because she felt bad about all the times she had portrayed her ex boyfriend as a "t**t".

The song, which she wrote with Semisonic front man Dan Wilson, features lyrics that seem somewhat cathartic:

"You left with no goodbye. Not a single word was said, no final kiss to seal any seams. I had no idea of the state we were in."

She explained:

"I was analysing all my songs and... I suddenly got really ashamed and disgusted with the manner that I was portraying someone who was really important to me."

"I kind of felt really childish that I'd made him out to be a complete t**t in all the songs."

Listen to the heartfelt track here: