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Alcohol helps Adele to write songs

Adele, who is currently celebrating four consecutive weeks at the top of the UK charts, has explained she hopes to eventually be able to open up and write songs without a glass of wine in sight. 

The 'Someone Like You' singer-songwriter is known for her very personal and intrusive tracks, but admits she seems to only be able to come up with the goods after a few drinks:

“I write songs when the curtains are closed and I’m on my fifth bottle of red wine or something like that. But as I keep evolving as a songwriter, I hope I will learn to articulate my happiness and channel it.” 

"Sometimes I don’t know what possesses me to do it because albums are like photographs, they’re for ever."

Despite her uncertainty over her method of unleashing creativity, Adele reveals it's probably a blessing in disguise and will help her to grow:

“Maybe it’s a good thing I’ll be able to look back at my records and see how I’ve grown as a person." 

"And when I’m old and have kids and grandkids and they’re going through their angsty teenage stage I was going through at 19, I can be like: ‘Listen to that. That’s what grandma was doing when she was 19.'”

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