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Adele's independent and acoustic ambitions for third album

Adele has revealed that she wants to be entirely self-sufficient when working on her third album. 

The 'Rolling In The Deep' singer-songwriter has independent ambitions for her new material and intends to be involved in every aspect of the project from recording to producing. Speaking to Q magazine, she explained:

"It won't be a big production. I want it to be quite acoustic and piano-led. I want to write it, record it all, produce it all and master it on my own."

"I think it'll take a lot longer because I want to do it this way. When I move house in the summer, my sound engineer is going to come and help me install a studio and teach me how to use it."

The Grammy award-winning star also added that the record-breaking success of '21' doesn't intimidate her and she won't be put off by the thought of living up to it:

"I don't really care about expectations. There was enough of it with this record."

"If you deliver the songs I think you get away with it. I'm not bothered. I'm not expecting my next record to be as big as this one. That's impossible."

Watch Adele perform a cover of Cheryl Cole's 'Promise This' here: