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Usher says UK's more open

Usher is amazed at how the UK is more relaxed when it comes to photos of topless girls being printed in newspapers.

The 'OMG' star visited the country recently to promote his new album 'Raymond V Raymond' and said, "You guys are more open. You embrace life and the human anatomy more. I mean, you have topless models in your newspapers. Back home you're allowed to swear on radio and TV but you're not allowed to show boobs."

Usher's 'OMG' single features the line "Honey got some boobies like wow oh wow," and he revealed that a US journalist recently said to him, "You get a bit cheeky on OMG. You say boobies. And I was like: 'Yeh? If you get shocked by a boob I feel sorry for you.' Let's face it, we've all sucked on one in our life."