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Mark Wright named as 6th contestant on Strictly Come Dancing

Radio DJ and presenter, Mark Wright, has been revealed as the 6th celebrity to take part in BBC1's 'Strictly Come Dancing 2014'.

The former 'Only Way Is Essex' star-turned-DJ made the announcement to his listeners on his Heart Club Classics show yesterday (August 22), he said: 

"So ... I wanted you to know first. You know I can't dance and all that, and I've got absolutely no rhythm and they call me 'Marky no moves', well… the dancing shoes are coming out, and once and for all I'm going to learn to dance!

"As this year I am taking part in Strictly Come Dancing! Laugh all you want, like my friends and family have done, I don't care, I'm gonna do it. I love a challenge.

"I love to conquer a challenge that I'm not that good at, and this is exactly that. I'm gonna put everything into it. I know the only move in my locker is a caterpillar, and I know that I'm gonna look funny in sequins, but… I do like to try hard and I do like to crack new challenges.

"There's a few others been announced already: Frankie from the Saturdays, Judy Murray and Simon Webbe from Blue, have all been confirmed already, so so far the guests are looking great.

"I know I can count on you for your support."

Other contestants already announced to take part in the TV reality contest include rugby player, Thom Evans and Andy Murray's mother and tennis coach, Judy Murray.

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Watch Mark Wright play Innuendo Bingo, talk about Hip-Hop, and Louis Smith on Strictly Come Dancing below:


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