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Katy Perry denies blasphemy remarks

Katy Perry has denied reports that she's fallen out with Lady GaGa after blasting blasphemous entertainers in a Twitter.com rant.

Perry appeared to be commenting on GaGa's controversial new "Alejandro" video last week (June 8) when she tweeted, "Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke."

The promo features GaGa, dressed in a latex nuns' outfit, suggestively swallowing a string of rosary beads. Scenes also show the outrageous star simulating sex with a group of scantily-clad male dancers, wearing only her underwear.

Perry, who is the daughter of church ministers, appeared to be taking aim at her on Twitter.com shortly after the video was released online.  However, the singer, who is engaged to the controversial comedian Russell Brand, insists that she respects GaGa's point of view, despite whether she agrees or disagrees with her use of religious imagery.