Monday, August 9, 2010 6:12am ET by  


M.I.A. blasts govt.

Singer M.I.A. claims that the Sri Lankan government is forcing her fans to remove her videos from YouTube and exploiting its technological awareness to suppress their uploads.

She revealed, "They buried my 'Paper Planes', none of my f**king s**t comes up. All my videos have been constantly pulled, the latest thing that's up there is from 11 months ago."

The singer has denied that the clips have been taken down by her record company and says that it is a response to her support for separatist Sri Lankan organisation the Tamil Tigers.

"The Sri Lankan government is writing to them and saying, 'If you stick MIA videos up we're gonna take you to jail for supporting terrorism'," M.I.A. explained. "They've Facebooked and MySpaced my fans saying, 'If you support this person you'll get done for terrorism because under the PTA (Prevention of Terrorism Act) you're supporting someone who supports a terrorist group and you're a terrorist because it covers anything to do with affiliation'."