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Klaxons releasing album outtakes

Klaxons say they intend to release the outtakes from their last album as an EP.

"It sounds folky, it's not a record for a start it's an EP, which will see the light of day at some point," James Righton confirmed. "It's a lot more complicated, a lot more considered as well. Lots of layered vocals."

Bassist Jamie Reynolds added that the outtakes were a lot slower than the songs that made 'Surfing The Void'. 

"It's quite slow, there's a waltz on it and it's just great. A seven-minute waltz!" he explained. "We've taken tracks and taken all the music out and replaced it with drones – it's very drudgy and slow and beautiful and odd."

Reynolds also explained the reason why the band conducted the various sessions, before recording the biggest portion of the album in California with producer Ross Robinson.

"I think it was just a case of we'd only written 15 songs before (we started writing this album)," he said. "I think we went to perfect our craft, learning to write songs, figuring out how to write songs and lyrics."

'Surfing The Void' is released on August 23.