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Flo Rida for Saturdays collaboration

Flo Rida has revealed that he's set to collaborate with The Saturdays on a new song.

The American rapper decided to work with the girls after he prevented them from scoring their first number one with, 'Missing You', and instead shot straight to the top of the U.K. charts with his hit, 'Club Can't Handle Me' featuring David Guetta.

Flo Rida wrote on Twitter, "Thank you for the letter and the opportunity to collab."

He also posted a photo of the handwritten letter The Saturdays had written to him during their trip to American, saying, "Hey Flo, We are so sorry we couldn't be around today - we are gutted to have missed you. We want to thank you so much for doing the track with us! We are so excited that you are part of it! Have an amazing time shooting the video and we hope to meet you really soon!"

Flo Rida was so excited when his track went to the top of the charts in the U.K., that he said he wanted to move to Blighty.