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Williams to release book

Take That member Robbie Williams is set to release a new book which recalls his 20 year music career.

The star has reunited with author and "close and personal friend" Chris Heath on the 288-page hardback titled, 'You Know Me.' The book features over 250 photos. 

Williams said, "We got thousands of images of me, and I sat with Chris Heath once again, we had a recorder recording my words and we went through each image and I spoke my words that are in my head onto this tape."

He continued, "He took the tape, took my musings and my observations and my memories and added his own inevitable twist on top of them."

'You Know Me' will be available to buy at Tesco on September and will later be released through the singer's official online store in a numbered deluxe edition limited to 1,000 copies.

Meanwhile, the popstar also releases his 39-song greatest hits collection, 'In And Out Of Consciousness – The Greatest Hits 1990 – 2010' next month.