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Katy Perry in spoof video

Katy Perry has appeared in the latest episode of 'Scissor Sisters News' - a spoof news broadcast created by the hit band.

The pop songstress looks shocked as she catches American Idol finalist Adam Lambert kissing Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears in the spoof video.

In the latest episode Perry feigns a look of terror as she catches the two gay singers kissing backstage.

The footage shows Lambert and Shears appearing to kiss in a steamy behind-the-scenes clench, before suddenly halting when they realise Katy is shooting them on her camera phone.

Perry then glances anxiously at the camera and says, "Caught!"

When questioned about the incident by the news anchor Lester Zizmore, Lambert denies making out with Shears, but admits he's a fan of the Scissor Sisters' new album, 'Night Work'.