Primatai: The Line of Fire

"Shredding solos, frenetic percussion, ball breaking riffs, no prisoners taken and metal up your ass" Kerrang!

"Twin guitar mannered mania and THE LINE OF FIRE (despite not being released until Oct 4) is the surprise CD of the week - in a good way’ Malcolm Dome - 

PRIMITAI are without doubt one of the best kept secrets in British metal, but with the upcoming release of their stunning new album ‘THE LINE OF FIRE’ on Monday October 4 they look set to announce their arrival on the big stage in spectacular fashion!

Wearing influences such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest clearly on their sleeves, Primitai have made a massive statement of devil horned intent with their second album, filling it to the brim with unashamed balls to the walls classic metal riffs, ear shredding guitar solo’s and mosh pit inducing rock rhythm’s and is destined to arm metal fans the country over with a new found urgency to pump their stereos up to 11, bust out their air guitars in mass unison and rip the neighborhood a new a-hole! If you love metal and you love guitars you will love this album.

Preceded by the amazingly anthemic single ‘The Craft’ that was released earlier this year (and following hot on the heels of their debut album ‘Through The Gates Of Hell’ that was received with critical acclaim by the likes of Kerrang! and Zero Tolerance), Primitai will be releasing the album’s fantastic title track ‘The Line Of Fire’ as a single with an accompanying video on 30 Aug and it acts as an exciting introduction to a genuinely superb album from one of the UK brightest new hopes.

The London based 5 piece melodic thrash outfit have already proved their quality in the live arena by winning the prestigious 2009 Surface Unsigned band competition that was held at London’s O2 Arena and will be embarking on a UK tour in November as main support to LA metal heads WHITE WIZZARD. The future for Primitai is looking as good as it sounds!

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September 13, 2010 2:57pm ET by Pressparty  


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