2CD/DVD Audio and Digital Audio Packages Include Previously Unreleased 'Live At Carnegie Hall' Concert Recording

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.,  Sept. 14 - October 25, Capitol/EMI will release an expanded Collector's Edition of Jethro Tull's Stand Up in a deluxe 2CD/DVD Audio package with replicated original album art and newly-written liner notes by Tull's Ian Anderson. The Collectors Edition is housed in a digipak with a 12-page booklet and for the first time reinstates the original vinyl LP's pop-up element.  On the same date, a digital version of the Collectors Edition, including the 31 remastered tracks from the physical version's two CDs, will also be available for download purchase from all major digital service providers.  


The Collectors Edition's first disc includes the remastered original album, plus three tracks recorded during the band's first US tour, and the singles "Living In The Past" and "Sweet Dream," which later appeared on the Benefit album.  Also included are four songs from sessions for John Peel's "Top Gear" BBC Radio program and two US radio spots.


Disc two contains an edited version of Jethro Tull's 1970 Live At Carnegie Hall concert, a benefit for a drug rehabilitation center in New York City. It was a typical raucous Tull affair, drawing heavily from Stand Up as well as presenting a few new songs fromBenefit.  John Evan had joined the band by then and his classical piano training is amply demonstrated in this live concert.  This is exemplified in songs such as "Jeffrey Goes to Leicester Square" and an instrumental interpretation of Bach's Bourree in E minor titled "Bouree," with the latter remaining a concert favorite even today.


Live At Carnegie Hall has never before been released in its entirety and it is presented in a completely new mix.  The Collectors Edition's DVD contains the unedited concert audio in 5.1 surround sound, as well as a new audio interview with Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson.


Released in 1969, Stand Up was Jethro Tull's second album, and it marked a shift from the blues-rock sound of their debut This Was, a result of the departure of guitarist Mick Abrahams, who was replaced by Martin Barre. Ian Anderson, playing 12-string guitar, flute and vocals, took over all vocal and songwriting duties and, with his bandmates Barre, Clive Bunker (drums), andGlenn Cornick (bass), created a more folk-inspired album, which topped the UK chart and reached the Top 20 in the US.


In his new liner notes essay, Ian Anderson writes, "In rehearsal and recording, we all tried different approaches to the songs. Clive and Glen formed the basic backbone of the group, leaving Martin and me to experiment a bit more with different sounds and, for the time, some radical techniques in sound recording. We often plugged instruments into the rotating Leslie speaker cabinet to treat the sound with the typical Hammond organ-like tones. Martin's guitar in 'A New Day Yesterday' was recorded with me standing on the guitar speaker cabinet, swinging a microphone, Roger Daltry-fashion around the outside to get a phasing, swirling sound for the main riff."


It was the songs from Stand Up that introduced Jethro Tull to the US and Europe. For many it was their first taste of the eclectic style and varied material of the band and was savoured by enthusiastic and growing audiences wherever they played. Many of these songs still form part of the rotating set lists of Jethro Tull concerts to this day.  


In October and November, Ian Anderson will travel to 22 North American cities on a solo tour.  For more information and tour dates, please visit www.jethrotull.com.


Jethro Tull Stand Up (Collectors Edition) (2CD/DVD Audio; digital audio)

CD 1

Original album, remastered

  1. A New Day Yesterday
  2. Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square
  3. Bouree
  4. Back To The Family
  5. Look Into The Sun
  6. Nothing Is Easy
  7. Fat Man
  8. We Used To Know
  9. Reasons For Waiting
  10.  For A Thousand Mothers

Bonus tracks

11. Living In The Past

12. Driving Song

13. Sweet Dream

14. 17 [mono]

15. Living In The Past [original mono single version]

"Top Gear" BBC Radio session recorded 6/16/69; broadcast 6/22/69

16. Bouree [mono]

17. A New Day Yesterday [mono]

18. Nothing Is Easy [mono]

19. Fat Man [mono]

20. Stand Up US radio spot #1

21. Stand Up US radio spot #2


CD 2

Live At Carnegie Hall [1970]

  1. Nothing Is Easy
  2. My God
  3. With You There To Help Me/By Kind Permission Of
  4. A Song For Jeffrey
  5. To Cry You A Song
  6. Sossity, You're A Woman/Reasons For Waiting/Sossity, You're A Woman
  7. Dharma For One
  8. We Used To Know
  9. Guitar Solo
  10. For A Thousand Mothers


Disc 3 - DVD Audio (physical package only)

Live At Carnegie Hall (1970)

Carnegie Hall audio: DTS & Dolby Digital 24 bit 48kHz

5.1 surround sound and 2.0 24 bit 48 kHz LPCM stereo (audio only)

  1. Introduction
  2. Nothing Is Easy
  3. My God
  4. With You There To Help Me/By Kind Permission Of
  5. A Song For Jeffrey
  6. To Cry You A Song
  7. Sossity, You're A Woman/Reasons For Waiting/Sossity, You're A Woman
  8. Dharma For One
  9. We Used To Know
  10. Guitar Solo
  11. For A Thousand Mothers

DVD Bonus Feature

An interview with Ian Anderson (London, 2010)



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