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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 1 -- Smooth Jazz legend, producer, artist, sound engineer and double Grammy winner Paul Brown released his newest album on September 28th via Shanachie Entertainment. Already, this eagerly anticipated album is being anointed by his loyal fans, radio personalities, and industry icons as his best yet.

With something for every cool musical taste, you'll find a delectable variety of laid-back, contemplative to up-tempo charts, perfectly seasoned by Brown's inimitable R&B style.

"This CD is a real reflection of my musical influences. Folk, rock, blues and jazz all mixed together," Brown reflected, on the album's release date.

The album opener, "Sugar Fish," eases the listener into Brown-ville with the help of Jessy J's flute and Greg Adams' flugelhorn. Further in, don't miss Brown's unaffected reunion with Marc Antoine in "Right Back At Ya," that continues their magical spell created on the 2009 hit album, Foreign Exchange.

The namesake track uses Brown's own vocals, as a "love story" tribute to his wife, Jacqui, celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. According to Brown, it became a family affair as she decided to venture, for the first time, into producing her husband's vocals.

Brown reflected, "She's never really had much to do with my music before, so I think she had a huge effect on the performances." With Brown literally singing to the love of his life, who was right there in the studio, the track really captures his emotion, bottling it for us to replay over and over.

LA devotee Tom Brady enthused, while "Shakin" to the unmistakable groove of Brown's soulful Gibson L-5 electric guitar, "Multi-talented Paul Brown really delivers on this album. He's cut a tantalizing mood-setter to start the weekend 'chill' outdoors, or that drive home. Destined for a hit single, 'Toast and Jam' incorporates the sultry sax talent of Jessy J to create a perfect dance number."

"Offering lots of vocal variety throughout," he continues, "the 'End of the Day' track evokes a Jackson Browne vibe, yet you'll hear definite Bruce Springsteen-like overtones in 'The One You Lean On.' Brown really infuses his cool, mellow sound with an upbeat energy throughout, his melodies, plus a hint of Southern love. 'Let Me Love You' is a must to add to your romantic collection. Now a personal favorite, 'Right Back At Ya' features Marc Antoine's sweet guitar accents juxtaposed with Paul Brown's characteristic driving rhythms. Get ready for a ride to the intersection of Romance and Groove Streets, where the lights are low and the mood is just right. Bravo!"

Music lovers will get one of the last chances to hear Paul Brown perform live with Marc Antoine in the U.S. on October 8, 2010 atPalm Desert's La Quinta Resort before he heads to England on a smooth jazz cruise. And ask for some of those new tunes. This one's a keeper ... 10/10. Love we found it!

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