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Cowell and Walsh blamed for X Factor exits

X Factor judges Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh have been criticised after two of their acts were booted off the show this weekend.

Singer Storm Lee and camp double-act Diva Fever laid the blame for their X Factor exit squarely at the feet of their mentors on the show.

Speaking of Walsh, Lee accused his mentor of pressuring him to dye his hair pink, while Diva Fever blamed Cowell for choosing the wrong song for them. The judge and media mogul had instructed the double act to perform the new Duck Sauce song, ‘Barbra Streisand’ on Saturday’s show.

Speaking to ITV’s Daybreak today, Diva Fever’s Joe Al-Samadi said, "Sometimes you are afraid to speak up because you think they might start thinking you’re a diva.

"We did express that we didn’t like the song to start off with because it’s really new in the chart at the moment. We thought a lot of people might not know it," he added.

Watch Diva Fever perform ‘Barbara Streisand’ here: