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Chris Martin's son, the rapper

Gwyneth Paltrow believes her son with husband, Chris Martin, from Coldplay, will be a rapper with he grows up.

Four-year-old Moses currently spends all day copying rap songs that he hears on the radio.

Paltrow says: "Moses sings the most in our house. He's humming and singing all day long. Not my husband's songs, he's more into T-Pain or he'll just sing whatever song he hears on the radio. Super-poppy music."

Paltrow has also recently shown she can sing as well as act. She has re-recorded Smokey Robinson's 1979 track 'Cruisin' for her 2000 film 'Duets'. She also plays a country music singer in her latest movie, 'Country Strong'. 

Watch the official trailer for 'Country Strong' below: