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Eric Clapton recorded latest album in 'sheer agony'

Eric Clapton has revealed that he recorded his most recent album, 'I Still Do', in complete agony as he was suffering from acute eczema.

The 71-year-old told the Associated Press:

"I got eczema all over my body and it went into my hands during the first week of recording. It was a nightmare.

"For the entire sessions, I ended up working with mittens on. My arms and hands were covered by bandages and plasters too, so it was difficult.

"I ended up playing a lot of slide guitar on the album and that's why. It was less painful.

"I started to think it was pschosomatic, that maybe I was nervous. Maybe I was, Who knows?"

The album marked the return of Clapton working with record producer Glyn Johns. The last time they worked together was almost 40 years ago on 1977's 'Slowhand'.

This may have caused him to be a bit nervous as Johns once cancelled an entire project due to Clapton's heroin addiction. Clapton said:

"I was on heroin. Glyn was furious when I didn't show and the entire project was abandoned."

The back cover of “I Still Do” pictures Clapton’s hand in a mitt holding the neck of a guitar, only the fingertips exposed. The front cover features a portrait of Clapton by legendary Beatles' artist, Sir Peter Blake (see top left).

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