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Paloma Faith: 'I never really felt I was a proper singer - I always felt like I was an impersonator'

Paloma Faith has revealed in a new interview that becoming a mother has transformed her into a “better” singer.

The acclaimed UK singer-songwriter won the British Female Solo Artist Award in 2015, and is the only British female artist apart from Adele to have three platinum albums to her name.

When asked about what age she first realised that she could sing, Faith laughed: “35. Last year."

The talented artist gave birth to her first child in December last year, and though she admits that she “never really felt” like a “proper singer”, she believes having a baby has made her “lung capacity bigger”, and in turn affected her vocal ability for the best. 

“I never really felt I was a proper singer. I always felt like I was a sort of an impersonator of a singer for a long time. 

“This is going to sound mad, but I feel like I can sing better now I’ve had a baby, that something’s changed in my body."

The former The Voice judge told the Scotsman Online that her new album ‘The Architect’, is more challenging “singing-wise” than her previous releases, but that it feels fulfilling to do something not so much about herself. Faith said:

“While I had time off I was listening to all the music I love and was brought up listening to, and realised none of my favourite songs of all time are love songs.

"So I was thinking about the artists I admire and what they had in common, and I felt times had changed. I feel like I have people listening so I’m going to use my voice for doing good.

“Nina Simone said you have a duty as an artist to speak about things happening in the world around you."

If Nina Simone was one of her childhood heroes that she listened to growing up, this album was directly influenced by Marvin Gaye.

“I love his "What’s Going On" album. His label didn’t want him to put it out because it was too critical about Vietnam, but actually it’s a love album. That really inspired me, the idea that there’s a slim line between love and politics, and kindness and compassion.

"I think if politicians operated from a more emotionally aware perspective, things would run better. That’s what I stand for and I’ve tried to make a love album, without it being about romantic love."

Paloma wants her music career to have longevity because she loves performing live and has admitted taking to the stage to entertain crowds is the “only reason” she is a singer. She said:

“Performing live, it’s the only reason I do this job. There’s something about it that makes you feel very alive, having to deal with the moment. I love seeing people’s faces and the instant feedback. There’s also the concept of human fallibility and I like when things go a bit wrong. People don’t remember the perfect gigs, the memorable ones are the not perfect ones.”

The songstress is set to embark on a UK tour in support of her new album next year. Check out ticket availability here.

Paloma Faith's upcoming album, 'The Architect', is set to be released via RCA records this Friday on November 17.

Watch Paloma Faith in action, below:

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