Rebirth of the Blitz Club!

Quite Great are pleased to announce that we are currently looking after Rusty Egan and Steve Strange and the relaunch of the Blitz Club and a new label.

Rusty Egan and Steve Strange brought you the Blitz Club in 1980, the cradle that not only spawned the musical soundtrack to a generation but also the styles, fashions and very fabric of the 80s. Thirty years may seem a long time to wait before launching a record label of the same name, but the sound of the Blitz is as fresh today as it was all those years ago on a side street offCovent Garden .

The Blitz Club are planning a reunion at the original Blitz Club in Covent Garden on 15 January 2011; we have Steve Strange and Rusty Egan available for interview should you wish to speak with them about the event.

They are also planning on rereleasing their famous track ‘Fade to Gray’ and there is also talks of a 4th Visage album next year.

For more information just contact Vicky Berry on or call her on 01223 410000.

Watch a video montage of scenes taken from the original Blitz Club below: 


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