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Friday, May 25, 2018 10:55am ET by  

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Niall Horan offers his support over Ireland's abortion debate

Niall Horan has lent his voice to Ireland's abortion debate today (May 25). 

Horan is backing the campaign to give women the power back over their own bodies if they wanted to explore an abortion.

Currently the Republic of Ireland requires authorities to equally protect the right of life of a mother and that of the unborn baby, from the moment of conception. This is protected under the country's eight amendment. 

Today a referendum is taking place to decide whether to repeal that amendment which has been in place since 1983.  The results won't be known until tomorrow (May 26).

Horan tweeted:"Cmon Ireland ! This is your day to make another great decision. Please do right by the great women of our nation" 

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