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Adam Lambert on being inspired by helping gay youth

Adam Lambert on helping gay youth: "It's the most inspiring thing I've found in this career"

Adam Lambert spoke on the UK Lorraine show on the first day of Pride month (June 1) this week.

The ITV interview took place ahead of the Queen + Adam Lambert UK tour next month (July). Speaking to show host, Christine Lampard, about Queen, he said:

"Obviously, Queen is like a home grown thing here so there is definitely something very, very important but American fans are wild about Queen as well. What I love about the fans of this band is that no matter where you are in the world, they all know the words!"

The interview took place the day after Lambert attended the MOSAIC LGBT Youth Centre in London.

Asked if things are getting better for the LGBT community, he said: "I think we still have a lot of work to do, the world still has a lot of homophobia. There is still ignorance but there is a lot of progress that has been made. Particularly within the entertaiment community.

"First, I think, the film and TV world really started to notice they had more responsibility to tell all these different stories, to educate people, to open people's minds and now I see the music industry following suit which is very exciting for me. I do think there's been a lot of progress made."

On being gay and famous:

"Once I made the statement and started talking about it (being gay) like I did in my real life all time, there were definitely people that were felt confused by it.

"For me, I grew up in L.A. and I was in this arts community, so post-Idol was the first time I was really interfacing with the masses and middle America. It was definitely a learning experience.

"What is so important to me is when I meet fans, particularly younger fans that come up to me and say 'you made me feel safe, you made me feel like it was ok to be who I was and to be brave'. 

"It becomes so much greater than just me. It becomes so much more important than just my career or the songs I put it out.

"It becomes something where I can help people truly, and that's been the underlying, most inspiring thing I have found in this career, and it is something that I want to keep doing."

Queen + Adam Lambert are playing London on July 1, 2 and 4 and Glasgow's TRNSMT Festival in Scotland on July 6.

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