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Tuesday, June 19, 2018 4:35pm ET by  

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Lauren Jauregui and Halsey's "Strangers" video to premiere tomorrow

Excitement is building as Lauren Jauregui and Halsey's "Strangers" video to premiere tomorrow (June 20).

Short teasers of the full-length video were uploaded by Jauregui and Halsey on their social media sites recently, which give an insight into the ambitious cinematic scope of the promo video, as it it very much shot as a epic movie.

The "Strangers" video is the concluding instalment of Halsey's "Hopeless Fountain" saga. The singers have been performing the song live for over a year. 

The "Hopeless Fountain" saga is a collection of music videos based on tracks from Halsey's second album and centre around a modern day "Romeo and Juliet" theme in which both singers play lovers.

Halsey's latest tweet about the video said: "for you to truly understand the ending, I have to take you back to the start" #strangersvideo @halsey

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