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Minaj's "extraordinary" year

Nicki Minaj toasted the new year at her sold-out 'All Pink Everything New Year's Eve Party in Miami after posting a motivational speech on her official website.

She wrote: "Today marks the end of something magical. 2010 has been extraordinary. Endings can be bitter sweet but every "end" ushers in a "beginning". A new beginning. A new enchanting beginning.

'I want you to hold on to 2011 and never let go. Hold on to it like your life depends on it ; because it does. Take charge this year. Refuse to lose. Refuse to be defeated. Refuse to have regrets.

'A wonderful world awaits you my darlings. Will you accomplish your goals or live a lie and pretend you're life is changing when you know its not? Will you kick ass in school or let this golden opportunity for education pass you by?

'Will you work hard or complain? Will you laugh in the face of danger or run away? Will you put God first and have faith that he's bigger than all of your problems? .... I guess only time will tell eh barbz?'

'Any hoo, I wish above all things your new year be filled with love, peace & prosperity. You guys mean everything to me. Thank you for just being you! I'm soooo very proud of Team Minaj.'

Minaj wore her stripey wig and a quilted leather dress to her "All Pink Everything New Year's Eve Party" held at the Mansion Club. 

Fans who couldn't get in were able to watch Minaj perform on US video show 106 and Park's New Year's Eve show, which was broadcast on cable station BET last night.

Watch Nicki Minaj perform 'Did It On Em' and "Moment 4 Life' on the show below: