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Saturday, July 7, 2018 6:32am ET by  

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Marshmello & FaZe Banks play FIFA 18 in honour of World Cup 2018

Marshmello and FaZe Banks sat on a sofa in the Mello Cave to play the FIFA 18 video game in honour of the World Cup 2018 yesterday (July 6).

FaZe Banks is the Chief Operating Officer of the FaZe Clan, the Call of Duty gaming group. Banks is also a producer, composer and songwriter.

Marshmello has recently set up a live-gaming series featuring some of his friends. This week Banks joined him to play FIFA 18 (watch below). 

This afternoon England play Sweden in the quarter final. The first time England has reached a quarter final since 1991. The last time England won the World Cup was 1966.

Host country, Russia, play Croatia this evening.

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