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Jameela Jamil: 'It took a lump that a doctor found to make me live my dream'

Jameela Jamil, who stars in NBC's The Good Place, has revealed how she got the part on the double Golden Globe and triple Critics' Choice-nominated show.

Speaking on the Today programme, she described the show starring Kristen Bell as "A wonderful comedy about moral philosophy and Ted Danson is in it!"

The British TV and radio presenter had never acted before. In fact, the first time she acted was for the show's audition and she admitted:

"I am THE hustler! They were like 'Do you have any acting experience?,' and I was like 'I have done theatre in England!'. 

"Now, technically I was in a school play. I was on a stage, a stage in England. That was, like, a big lie but that was very dffiicult to Google, so I thought I'd go with it!"

"I always wanted to live in America. I always used to watch American TV growing up as a child but life just sort of passes you by, and you become afraid of leaving opportunities, leaving jobs. Especially as a woman of colour. You feel very fearmongered by society.

"It took a lump that a doctor found in my breast to give me that kick up the bum to go forward and live my dream.

"I had a week in which I didn't know my biopsy results, and so in that week I made a list of everything I was going to do if I got that 'all clear'. 

"And when I got that 'all clear' I booked a one way ticket to America. I left my job, I ended my lovely relationship, said 'good-bye' to all my friends and just moved!"

Jamil also spoke about using her celebrity to do good: "I struggled from eating disorders as a teenager, because of toxic stuff I read from magazines, things I saw from celebrities. I was very easily influenced at that age, and so are so many people. 

"I want to be part of the change not part of the problem." 

The Good Place returns in the New Year on January 10th for Season 3 on NBC.

The show is also currently available on Channel 4's catch-up. 

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