Nashville Musician Claims Discovery of Secret Elvis Session

Forensic expert says, "It's a most unusual find"


NASHVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 13, 2011 -- A Nashville man has discovered a recording that he believes contains more than 30 minutes with Elvis at a private session recorded at what appears to be the home of Jerry Lee Lewis in 1960. The recording lay over a decade in a box of tapes he, Rod Lambert, picked up at a yard sale.

"I had no idea what was on the tape until Jan. 2009. I knew it said Jerry Lee, Elvis and Mack Vickery on the tape but just thought it was some standard songs by these artists. I would buy tapes to record over but when I saw Elvis on it I couldn't bring myself to use it and threw it back in the box," said Lambert.

Around 12 years later he found out its content. There's a little talking and a lot of singing. The highlight of the tape could be the only duet existing between Elvis and Jerry Lee. It's been said Elvis would sneak away from Graceland at times and this time, Lambert believes, it was to visit Jerry. Lambert says the tape contains Jerry pulling a Network performance and blaming Dick Clark, a Sam and Judd Phillips situation, and some darker topics as well.

Elvis would have been fresh out of the military when this impromptu jam session took place. Mutual friend Mack Vickery was also there. Mack was an artist who, like Elvis and Jerry Lee, signed a deal with Sun Records, though it was short-lived. Around this time Mack was photographed playing football with Elvis in the yard. Mack later went on to become a well-established and successful songwriter in Nashville.

On his find, Lambert commented, "Amazing is an understatement. This is a piece of rock-n-roll history and should be in a museum."

After Lambert had the tape authenticated and a voice ID performed by one of the foremost experts in the field of audio forensics, the results came back positive for both Elvis and Jerry Lee. The recording was taken to the company in charge of Elvis' catalog. The company's opinion was that the voice on the tape was not Elvis' but agreed on Jerry Lee Lewis.

"I didn't understand their decision so I'm asking Elvis fans everywhere to come together and vote on this rare piece of music history," said Lambert.

Sound bites taken from several spots on the tape have been placed on with a ballot box for voting.

The votes will be used as a petition, the goal being to release a single of the duet.  

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