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Yungblud on track "11 Minutes" with Halsey ft. Travis Barker

Yungblud was "literally s****ing himself" when Travis Barker came into the studio to work on 11 Minutes.

The rocker collaborated with the Blink-182 drummer and his girlfriend Halsey on the hit song, and couldn't believe it when the Without Me hitmaker texted Travis asking if he'd be up for teaming up on the song, only for him to be in the same room as his idol moments later.

He recalled: "We were in the studio recording it and I said it needs a real drummer on it. 

"She's amazing, we created some magic but it needed some energy, it needs to sound like a Blink-182 record.

"She's like, 'Oh I'll just text Travis Barker'.

"[Travis] was in the studio and 10 minutes later [he was working on the track]. I literally s**t myself - s**t myself thinking about s****ing myself."

The 20-year-old British star says the song was completed within just three days of the trio being in the studio, revealing: "It was such an insane experience and came together so quickly... The record came together within three days of us all meeting each other, which is crazy.

"We went to grab a drink and no one in music does that anymore, from my experience, no one in music reaches out to me if they don't want something."

Yungblud feels most rock/pop crossover songs are "as charismatic as a pint of cold water", but that he, Halsey and Travis were able to create "magic" because they are about being real all have a "mutual admiration" for rock.

He explained: "I think that's why it's got so much magic to it, it's such a no bull**** record. 

"It's about something real and all three of us have a mutual admiration for rock music and wanted to create a commercial song that contains the formula of rock music."

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