Graham Norton welcomes Kate Hudson, Tinie Tempah and Russell Kane to his Friday night show


Graham Norton meets Hollywood star Kate Hudson, multi Brit-nominated Tinie Tempah and comedian Russell Kane on his Friday night show this week (28 January).

Referring to Kate's pregnancy, Graham says: "You're chatting for two now," to which Kate says: "I am, can you tell? I'm just starting to pop."

Asked about potential names for the baby she says: "We have a couple of names but we're not telling anyone." She goes on to say: "People tell you so much [about being pregnant] it drives me nuts." And when asked whether she is expecting a boy or a girl, she reveals: "It feels like a girl, but I don't know. Ryder [her son] thinks it's a girl."

On her boyfriend Matt Bellamy, she emphatically denies rumours of wedding bells: "No, no, not that I know of! I don't like putting that sort of pressure on it and I don't feel it necessary to get married. I am 31, I already have one child and have had one divorce so it is not necessarily the golden ticket. I just want to be happy." She adds: "My parents have been 30 years not married, so it's not something I feel I have to do."

Talking about her "not husband" Matt being British , and comparing him to American men, Kate says: "I never thought I would notice the difference but there are a lot of differences, it's just a different way, he is polite and kind and so sweet."

Talking about his British accent, she reveals: "It was the phone calls that signed the deal for me – hearing his voice on the phone. It was so lovely." She jokingly adds: "He has corrected some of my use of English!"

Tinie Tempah denies he is to be the official entertainment at William and Kate's engagement party: "Am I? Really? Are you serious? Honestly, I've heard as much as you."

He reveals he didn't recognise William when the prince attended one of his concerts: "I came on for an encore and saw this tall white guy in a hat and I thought, he looks a bit familiar..."

Talking about childhood crushes, Kate reveals Tom Cruise was her pin-up: "I was just crazy about him. There was one particular film where you could see his peepee and I would rewind it all the time," while Tinie jokes that Dolly Parton was his sexual awakening: "There was a lot of Dolly in the house but she was really my mum's obsession," before revealing: "Britney Spears was my first love. Don't tell anyone this, but I auditioned for a part in a play at school and sang Hit Me Baby One More Time."

Talking about his TV show, Freak Like Me, Russell Kane admits his own compulsive habits: "When I am in a hotel I put everything in one shoe and then have to arrange the next day's clothes in ascending order of how I will put them, on starting with my socks."

Kate reveals she and her mother have the same habit of drinking day-old coffee wherever it has been left. "It really annoys people," she says.

And Tinie says: "I have lucky socks." Showing them to the audience he says: "I stole them from a girl's house and they became lucky."

Graham then turns the cameras on his audience who reveal some truly weird and wonderful behaviour.

Tinie performs Wonderman before Graham pulls the lever on foolhardy members of the audience brave enough to sit in the red chair.

The Graham Norton Show, Friday 28 January at 10.35pm on BBC One.


Notes to Editors

Next week (Friday 3 February), Helen Mirren, Emily Blunt, Ed Byrne and The Wanted join Graham on the show.

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