Pop Singer KDrew the Latest to Capitalize on Growing Industry Trend of Releasing Official Lyrics Videos

NEW YORK, May 31, 2011 -- With the recent release of an official lyrics video for his new single "Body & Soul (She Got Control)" rising pop singer KDrew is the latest music industry star to capitalize on a growing trend. Gone are the days when people would play their favorite song on repeat with album liner notes in hand to learn the lyrics so they could sing along.  Also dated are the annoying webpages made just for lyrics that all too often contain errors. The growing popularity of YouTube provided an outlet that allowed thousands of fans to create fan-made videos with lyrics using simple home based video-editing software like iMovie.  And now, as the internet has become the predominant source for new music discovery and consumption, official lyrics videos are becoming a trend in the music industry.

Pop superstars Britney SpearsKaty Perry and Jason Derulo are among those artists who have recently released official lyrics videos in advance of debuting their fully produced videos. Perhaps beginning with the viral spread of multiplatinum singer Cee-Lo Green's lyrics video for his hit "Forget You" in August of 2010, official lyrics videos serve as early marketing tools to get listeners familiar with the music before the fully-produced videos are released.  Each month "lyrics" takes its place among the "most-searched terms" on the internet, at times even outranking terms such as "sex."  Artists and labels seem keen to try to convert heavy organic search interest to traffic to their VEVO pages and official websites.

Indie Music Group's rising pop star and Facebook sensation KDrew recently joined Cody Simpson, Christina Perry and the growing list of artists with official lyrics videos with the release of his new single "Body & Soul (She Got Control)."  KDrew's official lyrics video pays tribute to the popular video game series "Dance Dance Revolution" by Konami, affectionately known as "DDR" to true video game fans.  This theme adds a whole new level of excitement and engagement for viewers with lyrics onscreen in sync with scrolling arrows directing dance moves for the song.  All the while, two hip-shaking avatars portray "Body" and "Soul" characters, silhouetted dancers reminiscent of early Apple iPod advertisements.  They dance and groove along to the uptempo dance beat and disco feel.  The video begins with a fun intro sequence in which a pretty girl blows into a Super Nintendo cartridge, bringing a comfortable nostalgia to early 90's video game fans and 90's music fans alike.

While KDrew's official lyrics video for "Body & Soul (She Got Control)" may raise the bar for industry lyrics videos, it certainly did not require a major budget to make. Shot with a Cannon 7D camera, edited on Adobe home edition software and using less than $100 worth of materials; green paper and tape from Walmart; and some construction lights from Home Depot, this video is not just a breakthrough for KDrew, but for all independent artists who utilize the web to share their music.  The low-budget, high-impact result further proves that in the brave new world of the digital music industry a little intuitiveness and creativity can get you further than ever before.

KDrew is a pop artist, songwriter and producer who has recently collaborated with several established producers including multi-platinum producer Just Blaze (Eminem, Jay-Z, Trey Songz) two-time Grammy Award-Winning producer Fran Cathcart(Mariah Carey, Les Paul, Toni Braxton) and Demacio "Demo" Castellon (Madonna, Fergie, Nelly Furtado). This twenty-one-year-old phenomenon from New Jersey is signed to Indie Music Group, New Jersey's fastest growing independent music label.  Also an accomplished and envelope-pushing producer, KDrew has recently produced several "dubstep" records including his creative ode "War of the Worlds."  Additionally, KDrew currently has over 95,000 fans on Facebook and recently debuted his new single "Body & Soul (She Got Control)."

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