farfetch.com: CFDA's Fashion Icon Lady Gaga Inspires Shoppers to Choose Luxury

As Lady Gaga takes the title of Fashion Icon atthe Council of Fashion Designers Awards,farfetch.com says her love of wearing luxury fashion brands is influencing many to ditch the high street and shop in designer boutiques.

LONDON, June 20, 2011 -- There were many winners at the CFDA Fashion Awards, but the biggest victor would undoubtedly be whoever took the coveted "Fashion Icon" award. Lady Gaga walked away with it in ten-inch black platforms, a teal wig and very little else; despite Lady Gaga's penchant for wearing as little as possible as often as possible, her name has become synonymous with stunning, daring fashion. farfetch.com, which gives customers access to the best designer boutiques in one easy to shop website, thinks her passion for luxury fashion is inspiring others to choose high quality over flash in the pan fashion.

Paul Brine, spokesperson for farfetch.com, comments: "Lady Gaga may have added another jewel to her crown by winning the Fashion Icon award, but the CFDA were only confirming what we at farfetch.com already knew. Lady Gaga and her fashion house, Haus of Gaga, have helped to bring luxury fashion to the public's attention and inspired shoppers to make a statement through their fashion choices. This has tempted them away from the throw-away styles of the high street and back to filling their wardrobes with luxury items such as designer trousers, dresses and playsuits."

The CFDA are said to have awarded Lady Gaga the prize for "being a fashion revolutionary" - Lady Gaga's outfits are certainly original and unique, and her style is often cited as being the inspiration behind new fashion lines. Her influence on the fashion world has been vast during her meteoric rise to fame - according to farfetch.com this extends past the red carpet and into our homes.

Brine comments: "Lady Gaga's outfits are often over-the-top and explore the concept of fashion as art as popularised by the late Alexander McQueen, but much of her wardrobe incorporates dresses and other pieces by luxury fashion designers. She arrived at the CFDA awards wearing a designer dress by Thierry Mugler and has been known to wear items by fashion houses and designers such as Giorgio Armani, Vivienne Westwood, Viktor & Rolf, Prada and Versace. All of these brands, and others worn by her, are available at fashion boutiques and can be purchased through farfetch.com; this means everyone can have the opportunity to feel like Lady Gaga."

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