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Peter Hook "saddened and upset" with New Order reunion

New Order bassist, Peter Hook, has opened up about how he feels about the band reforming without him.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, he says his own excitement for his solo tour has been dampened since finding out that New Order, the band he "put away for 34 years" has reformed without him in the line-up.

Hook said: "It’s a very difficult thing to talk about because it’s an odd position to be in. We are in business together, we have a Ltd. company together, and it’s been the goings-on behind the scenes that are the major problem.

"Them reforming as New Order, if you’re gonna ask me I’m gonna say it’s not New Order. It’s some members of New Order going out as New Order. It’s like me saying I’m going out as Joy Division.

"Their opinion might be different, but it’s a very tricky situation to be in and it’s upsetting because it was presented like a fait accompli. If I was gonna go out and say I was gonna use the name Joy Division I think you would feel duty bound to ask the other members, but obviously they don’t feel duty bound, they just did it.

"So I suppose the sad part has to be that your relationship has gone so bad that this is the outcome.

Hook re-emphasised his feelings by writing about the New Order reunion on his blog this week, stating that a reunion without him would be like "Queen without Freddie Mecury, Sooty without Sweep". 

Hook will be joined by Moby for one of his L.A. concerts next week after the 'Wait For Me' star contacted him to get onto the guestlist. Moby's set to sing 'New Dawn Fade' and 'Insight'. 

Peter Hook and The Light will perform Joy Division's 'Closer' album in full on Wednesday (September 14) and Joy Division's ' Unknown Pleasure' on Thursday (September 16) in L.A.

Watch the 'Atmosphere' video performed by Peter Hook and The Light and featuring Rowetta below:


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