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Twilight movie gives fans seizures

The latest instalment of 'The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn: Part One' has given some viewers seizures.

The birth scene where Bella (played by Kristen Stewart) delivers Edward's (played by Robert Pattinson) baby has caused audience members to start to convulse.

The scene contains flashes of red, black and white and can effect those prone to photo-sensitive epilepsy.

Warnings are regular occurances on TV programmes such as The X Factor if a performance contains strobe-lighting but this movie's scene has so far slipped through the radar until a man in Roseville, California and another in South Jordan, Utah, started to convulse.

Those screenings were stopped and ambulances called, though one-off seizures are unlikely to cause permanent damage, according to specialist Dr Michael Chez.

Chez said: "The trouble with cinemas is that it's dark and it's like being hit by a strobe light."

'Breaking Dawn: Part One' is set to take a £180m ($277m) by next week. 

The movie's soundtrack features Bruno Mars, Christina Perri and The Noisettes.

Watch the official trailer for The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1, and the film cast be interviewed below: