ITV's hit entertainment show is back with a bang for a sixth series as

Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden are joined by Alesha Dixon and David Walliams

on a new-look judging panel


Britain’s Got Talent is back on the road with the Judges trawling the length and breadth of the UK in search of Britain’s best talent.

Hosted by award-winning TV favourites Ant & Dec, Simon Cowell is joined on the exciting new panel by actor and comedian David Walliams; singer, songwriter and dancer Alesha Dixon; and returning Judge, Amanda Holden.

This year the winner will not only have the opportunity to perform at the 2012 Royal Variety Performance, they will also receive a life changing £500,000 - £250,000 of which will come from Simon Cowell's own pocket.

Expect the unexpected on Britain's Got Talent, anything goes from dance troupes to acrobats, magicians to comedians and dancing dogs to mind-blowing contortionists. The show is open to any performer of any age, from any background, with any talent - all they need is a skill and star quality which they think will impress the Judges.



Judges thoughts:

What made you decide to do BGT?

David: The opportunity came up and I think it’s a great year to be asked to do it because Simon’s coming back.

Amanda: It’s amazing to have him back.

Alesha:  Simon has got a good eye for talent and I think collectively as a team we’re going to find hopefully the next superstar.

Are you excited to be back?

Simon Cowell: Yeah you know what there’s a kind of buzz in the air at the moment.

What kind of acts are you looking for this year?

Simon: Somebody who could be a star all over the world, we’re going to find out if we’ve got one in a minute.

David: (about Simon) it’s like waiting for Santa Claus at Christmas – Because you know he’s coming you just don’t know when.

Anthony, 57, from Durham - Speech from film ‘Gladiator’. Dressed up as a Roman.


What’s your name pal?

Tony: Tony.

Ant: You must be feeling a bit nervous now?

Tony: I’m a bit nervous, you know like but I’m gonna do this for Rome.

Dec: Come on let’s do it! The Roman way!

Ant: Let’s have some of that Roman Spirit!


David: (To Alesha) Are you excited?

Alesha: I can’t wait, let’s go!


Simon: Hello what’s your name?

Tony: My Roman name is Maximus.

Simon: No but what’s your real name?

Tony: Anthony. (Audience laughs)

Simon: And how old if you don’t mind me asking?

Tony: 57.

Simon: Ok and what do you do for a living Anthony?

Tony: I’m retired; I was a heavy goods driver.

Simon: And tell me about what you are doing today?

Tony: I’m going to impersonate Maximus and Commodus from the film ‘Gladiator’.

Simon: Best of luck. 


Simon: Is that it?

Tony: Yeah.

Simon: Anthony the Act is…

Tony: Crap, yeah.

The Judges vote…

Act - Skate of Mind, Rach and Alan, 30 and 33 –  from Wigan and Yorkshire, Roller skating duo.

Simon: What’s your name’s please?

Rach: I’m Rach.

Alan: And I’m Alan

Simon: What’s the act called?

Rach: Skate of Mind.

Simon: Are you dating?

Alan: Yes

David: Have you ever made love wearing the rollerskates? (Laughter from the audience)

Alan: No we haven’t.

David: Well today’s the day!

Simon: Ok good luck.


Simon: That was uncomfortable. From what I saw he threw you in the wings, didn’t he?

Skate of Mind: (nod yes)

Simon: My honest advice, the choreography was appalling. David?

David: I’m sorry I didn’t like your outfit. She’s in pink, she looks lovely but you, I don’t know…

Simon: That was…

Alesha: Shocking?

David: That was horrible.

The judges vote….

MONTAGE  featuring Paul - Harmonica player, Ken –extreme eater, Asya– Singer and Voces 8 - Choir

Asya, 25, from London

Alesha: The audition has got a little bit painful.

David: I just found it a little bit boring.

Voces 8, 24-32, Various

Voces 8: That was just the intro.

David: Well it was boring in the intro.

Ken, 68, from Denton

Simon: I really don’t like you and what you just did.

Paul, 58, from York

Simon: Paul it was great, drunk at a party, five to three in the morning but that’s it.

David: Yeah but if Harry Styles gets ill in ‘One Direction’ (points to Paul).

Simon: It was awful.

ACT – Sam, 19, from Norfolk,  Plays guitar and sings ‘Make You Feel My Love’ by Adele


David: What’s your name?

Sam: I’m Sam Kelly

David: And how old are you Sam?

Sam: I’m 19 years old

David: And have you got a girlfriend?

Sam: No I don’t have a girlfriend. (Wolf whistles from audience)

David: And what would winning the show mean to you?

Sam: Pretty much everything. I grew up in rural Norfolk, and farming background and never really fitted in with the working bracket of my family because I’m pretty much useless at everything except music.

Simon: And do they know you’re here today?

Sam: My sister’s here and my Mum knows I’m here yeah.

Simon: And what does she think about you doing this?

Sam: I think she’ll kill you if you don’t let me through.

Alesha: Really?

Sam: As far as she’s concerned I’m the best musician in the world.

David: Let’s hear what you’ve got.



Dec: Silence out there, silence.



Alesha: You know it’s the way you approach the song, it was so delicate, it felt really genuine and honest and that was a beautiful moment - so well done.

Amanda: I don’t know what it was but I’ve never felt quite so moved. Yeah it was beautiful.

David: I think when you tackle a song like that, it’s not just your voice it’s the way you make us believe you’ve lived every line of that song. I was completely blown away.

Sam: Thank you.

Simon: I’ve gotta tell you Sam, when you’ve got absolute silence in a room like this, you’ve nailed it.(cheers from audience) I think you’ve got an amazing voice. Amanda?

The Judges vote…

MONTAGE - Mylene, 48 , from Doncaster- Dancer

Alesha: What’s your name?

Mylene: Mylene.

Simon: Are you the best dancer in the world right now?

Mylene: Yes of course I am.


The judges vote…

Act - Two of a Kind- Sophie and Lauren, 18 and 27, from Walsall and Wolverhampton, Dance Duo

Simon: Are you related?

Sophie and Lauren: No.

Alesha: You look like sisters.

Sophie and Lauren: No we’re not

Simon: You must be - you’re really not related?

David: They’ve both been to the same spray tan shop.

Simon: The stage is yours.



David: It was like someone had pressed the fast forward on the tv.

Simon: That’s exactly what I thought.

David: Which they probably will do during your bit, I’m sorry. (Simon laughs)

Alesha: It got a little bit erratic, it was too much.

Sophie and Lauren: That’s freestyle dancing…

Alesha: No we know what freestyle dance…

Alesha: No you don’t, you do ballroom.(Audience boo)

Alesha: I don’t play the drums but I still know what a drum kit is.

The judges vote…

ACT- Sugar Dandies, Soran and Bradley, 40, from London, Ballroom dance duo to ‘You raise me up’ by West Life


Ant: What do you do?

Soran: We are going to be dancing ballroom.

Ant: Right great. Now we have got an ex-Strictly Judge on the panel, does that worry you?

Soran: I know that - no I think that’s good

Bradley: I think it’s great. Hopefully she will like us.

Ant: Are you excited, shall we do it?

Soran: Let’s do it.

Ant: Let’s get you on, come on!


Simon: What are your name’s please?

Soran: I’m Soran and this is Brad.

Simon: What do you work as?

Soran: I’m a Psychologist.

Simon: And Bradley?

Bradley: And I’m a Theatrical Manager.

Simon: A Theatrical Manager. Ok and the group is called the Sugar Dandies?

Soran: That’s right.

Simon: Ok and guys where did you meet?

Soran: We met at a gay choral conference, in Tamper in Florida.


Ant: (To Dec) that’s where we met.

CLIP – Sugar Dandies

Soran: We’ve been together for 16 years and we got married 5 years ago

Bradley: Soran proposed I think after 5 days, is that right?

Soran: Was it only…? Well ok, yes I did.

Bradley: I think it was 5 days. I think we’ve always known that we were going to be together. It’s said that Ballroom dancing is the closest thing to flying that a human being will ever experience and I think that’s probably what it feels like to dance with someone you love. I can’t really imagine my life without him.



(Ant picks Dec up, spins him round and puts him down)

Ant: You’ve had a good Christmas?! (Dec laughs)


Simon: Thank you guys. Well look, it was different. My gut feeling is that you shouldn’t have picked up the tall one at the end because you nearly fell over – he did!

David: I liked it.

David: I think it’s good to be equal.

Alesha: Yes.

David: You know if we danced together Simon, say we did…

Simon: No.

David: At the party, the Britain’s got Talent party, it may happen.

Simon: No but David…No David.

David: I could lift you - But then you could lift me.

Simon: No.

David: Don’t listen to him, it’s great that you lift each other.

Alesha: That was a real love story, I just fell in love with you, you dance beautifully together – Honestly I’ve never seen it before and I would love to see it again. Well done.

Bradley: Thank you. Thanks a lot.

David: As soon as you started dancing your love for dancing and love for each other really came across and it was really truly moving.

Amanda: It was a really courageous piece and I found it absolutely beautiful and inspiring, congratulations – Brilliant.

The Judges vote…

MONTAGE - David and Simon blossoming bromance including Barbara, 46, from London, Saxophone player

David: ( to Barbara) What’s your dream?

Barbara: My ultimate dream is to be Simon Cowell. I’d like to make other people’s dreams come true.

David: What about crushing people’s dreams? Because I would say that’s his main skill

Simon: Barbara ignore him.


David: It feels like we were all meant to be together.

Simon: I feel that way…

David: Let’s all go on holiday together.

Simon: …It was sort of meant to be wasn’t it?

Amanda: It was, I feel seamless, it was like it wasn’t new at all.

David: I feel like I’ve found my family at last.


Act- ONLY BOYS ALOUD 14-19 year olds- all boys choir from The Valleys, Wales.

CLIP – Only Boys Aloud

Tim: Only Boys Aloud is a choir for 14-19 year old lads from the South Wales Valley’s. The Valleys are suffering from un-employment and lots of social problems that come out of that un-employment.

BOY1: As a teenage boy in the Valley’s there are not many opportunities.

BOY2: We basically hang around on street corners get into trouble, people start taking drugs and getting drunk and people die at a young age.

Tim: We set up Only Boys Aloud to inspire the boys not only to sing but to do something positive with their lives.

BOY1: I think this choir has given us a chance to get off the street corners and enjoy something that we like.

BOY2: I really look up to Tim and he’s taught us that being in a choir is cool and if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything.


Amanda: Hello. You seem to have your own fan club in. Can you tell me who you are please?

Only Boys Aloud: We are Only Boys Aloud.

Amanda: Only Boys Aloud and what are you?

Only Boys Aloud: We are a Welsh male vocal group from the Welsh Valley’s.

Tim: We believe passionately in the tradition of male singing in Wales and we wanna make sure the tradition is there in one hundred years’ time.

Amanda: Good, ok fabulous. Good Luck.



Amanda: Oh my goodness, you brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye. I just… I found that really moving. I loved the song choice, well done. David?

David: We really were looking in this show for a really great choir and you are that really great choir, it was fantastic.

Simon: I have got a very, very good feeling about you lot. I really, really loved what you did. I’ve never heard that song before but I absolutely love it and I think you guys are amazing.

The Judges vote….


MONTAGE  (Amanda is taking time off to have baby and filling in for her is Baywatch star Carmen Electra)

Act- BARBARA AND BRADLEY, 71, from Harrow, Poet and Dance duo


Barbara: Hello Simon and everyone.

Carmen: What’s your name?

Barbara: My name is Barbara and this is my friend Bradley.

Carmen: And what are you here to do today?

Barbara: Well I’m going to recite my poem that was nominated poet of the year in Vegas but I didn’t bother to go.

David: Are you guys more than friends?

Barbara: I don’t know what we are really but we’re not in any relationship because he looks like an owl doesn’t he? But I’m not gonna have a relationship with an owl.

Simon: Ok so the answer’s no, thank you. Ok good luck.


Simon: Can I ask you a question? Have you ever seen what he’s doing behind you?

Barbara: Yes.

Simon: You have?

Barbara: But because I don’t look I let him get on with it.

Carmen: (To Alesha) What do you think about this interesting performance here?

Alesha: Well you’re certainly unique; maybe you should take some dance classes Bradley.

David: it really brought a tear to my eye, it did. It was moving.

The Judges vote…


Acts- Dennis, 43. Singer; Germany- Singing to Evanescence ‘Wake me up Inside’.

Dennis: My name is Dennis Egel, I am 43 years old. My job is to be window dresser and my talent I’m singing. Singing is the very very important thing for me and people hear my words - That’s the greatest thing for me, they know ooh, that I can sing. Simon always wants a different thing, cause he’s seen so much singers and I think this different I can bring - I want to impress the judges today with my really performing.

Simon What’s your name?

Dennis: My name is Dennis Hardy Egel is my complete name

Simon: And where are you from?

Dennis: I’m from Germany (Audience boo)

Simon: Hang on, that was a long time ago we’re friends now.

Simon: So Dennis why have you entered the show here?

Dennis: Cause since I see Paul Potts in the TV in Germany, I said to me Britain’s got Talent is the biggest show in the world, for me.

Simon: Thank you, good luck. 



Ant: Ah one’s collapsed. Shall I…?

Dec: Go and straighten it up.

(Ant runs on to help with costume but accidently pulls a wing off, runs back offstage)

Ant: Ooh that didn’t quite go to plan.


Simon: Dennis, arguably one of the craziest things, I have ever, ever seen in my life.

Dennis: Thank you.

Simon: You are I think, barking mad.

Alesha: I actually like your gold shower cap, that is pretty cool, David?

David: I loved it!

Dennis: Thank you.

David: You know, we sort of know something was coming because there was a lot of kind of costume and then a bit fell off but that only made it better really.

Dennis: I fly from Germany and so the wings are…

David: What with that or did you go in a plane?

Dennis: Yes.

David: In a plane? Oh right.

The Judges vote….

MONTAGE – Buba ,Sound of Soul, Olajide, Michael and Jo

Buba, 42,  from Margate, African Stilt Dancer

Simon: And what’s your name?

Buba: Is that Simon?

Simon: Yes it is.

Buba: Oh good.

Simon: And what’s your name?

Buba: My name is Buba.

Simon: Buba where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time, if you were to win the show?

Buba: You know if Simon, if I don’t win this show then nobody is going to win it.


Simon: For me it was like having seriously like some insane nightmare.

Buba: Yeah? Ok thank you Simon

Sound of Soul, Michael and Jo, 27 and 39, from Suffolk, meditation relaxation with instruments

Simon: What’s the act called?

Michael: Sound of Soul. We are going to perform for you relaxing soothing vibrations.

Alesha: (To Judges) Lets hold hands. 


The Judges Deliberate

Olajide Dopemu, 38, from Kent, hand saxophonist

David: I think save up and buy a saxophone.

Olajide Dopemu: I’ve got a saxophone,

David: You’ve got a saxophone?

Olajide: Yes I play saxophone.

David: But you felt no I’ll just use my thumb?

Act - Charlotte and Jonathan, 16, 17, from Essex, Opera and Pop singing duo

Simon: Hi, how are you?

Charlotte: I’m fine thanks how are you?

Simon: Good, nice to meet you. What’s the act called?

Charlotte: Charlotte and Jonathan.

Simon: Charlotte and Jonathan - Ok how old are you both?

Charlotte: I’m 16.

Jonathan: And I’m 17.

Simon: Ok and you thought the combination would work, whose idea was it?

Charlotte: It was our singing teachers actually, she thought it would be good to try us out together and we both sounded quite good when we sang what we did.

Simon: Ok you’re not saying much Jonathan, are you shy?

Jonathan: Err, sometimes.

Simon: A little bit.

CLIP- Charlotte and Jonathan

Jonathan: I’ve always had a problem with my size since I can remember and when I was in primary school it was back then really that I had the mick taken out of me and it kind of damaged my confidence quite a bit. When people would say something to me, it would just take a little piece out of me in a sense.

Charlotte: I’m quite protective of Jonathan if I was there and someone stood there and said something to him, I couldn’t sit there with my mouth shut. Before you make a judgement on someone I think you really need to know them, it’s cliché, it’s not judging a book by it’s cover, you’ve got to read what’s inside.

Jonathan: Charlotte’s been a really big help for me, in terms of confidence and making me a better performer and I really don’t think I would be going up on stage today if I didn’t have Charlotte by my side.


Simon: And do you think you could win?

Charlotte: Yeah, together, yeah.

Simon: Alright, good luck.



Simon: Wow, wow, wow. Oh my god. Erm, Alesha?

Alesha: It’s not very often that that happens, that you can move an audience like that - You sing beautifully together. It was world class.

David: A pop voice and an opera voice together, it was incredible.

Simon: Ok this is what I think, Charlotte I think you’re good but Jonathan you are unbelievable. I mean seriously you have an outstandingly good voice. How old are you?

Jonathan: 17

Simon: I mean that’s unbelievable, Jonathan you are a future star.

Jonathan: Thank you.

Simon: I like the fact that this works as a duo but I worry Charlotte whether you’re gonna hold him back.

Jonathan: Well we’ve come on here as a duo and we’re gonna stay here as a duo.

The Judges vote…

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