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GaGa's new video not 'Telephone' sequel

Lady GaGa has confirmed that her next video will not be a sequel to her 'Telephone' promo.

'Telephone', which co-stars Beyoncé and sees the pair poison a diner full of people, ends with the message: "To be continued..." as they flee the town in their 'pussy wagon'.

It was recently reported that fashion photographer Steven Klein was rumoured to be directing the 23-year-old's next video 'Alejandro'. "I'm so excited about the Alejandro video," MTV quotes GaGa as saying. "Actually, we're shooting it very soon and I don't want to say who the director is yet because it's going to give a lot away."

When the singer was asked for more information on the promo, she said: "Are you absolutely mad? I would never, ever tell you! I would be more likely to lie through my teeth to you what the video's about so that you could all be surprised. But I will tell you it's not the sequel to the 'Telephone' video."