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Mr Hudson says new album may be grunge

Mr Hudson has revealed that his next album may have a "grunge feel".

The singer, who recently collaborated with N-Dubz and Kayne West, admitted that he is eager to start playing his guitar again. "I just want to get a bit noisy really, that's what I'm craving at the moment. Last year when we were touring, maybe on stage, I felt the guitar was like a barrier between me and the audience and I made a conscious effort to put it down for nearly the whole show, but I miss it. I want people to know that I'm a musician and that I miss it, and I've been going back to grunge records and I've been wanting to just pick up a guitar and strum."

Mr Hudson, real name Benjamin Mclldowie, insisted that he will not completely abandon his usual sound. "I've also been listening to loads of dubstep and I want to bring in loads of horribly dirty synths that make the speakers sound like they're going to explode," he said.

The singer also promised that his UK tour will be "good value" and revealed that he has teamed up with Tinie Tempah. He said, "It should be nuts. We've got Tinie in support, we did well booking him. I think it will be a little bit like what happened with us touring with Calvin Harris last year. "When 'Supernova' happened we would go on and have an absolutely crazy show, then he would just, like, demolish the building, so people were getting pretty good value for their ticket. And since we booked Tinie he's gone to number one, so if it doesn't sell out there's something wrong."